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Folx Gallery is a virtual space dedicated to creating community connections through the exhibition of creators big and small.


Folx Gallery was founded in Louisville by a small group of current and recent college graduates. With an original desire to showcase the breathtaking diversity of the local artists in their community, Folx was born. 


What we do...


Virtual Exhibitions

Folx Gallery uses Exhibbit to create virtual exhibitions for artists of all different expertise. Look at our exhibition opportunities for upcoming shows!

Giving Back

Folx Gallery doesn’t charge entry for our exhibitions. Instead, we highly encourage you to donate to the organization that we sponsor each exhibition. Send us suggestions & organizations that we should sponsor!

Volunteer Opportunities

Folx Gallery started through the passion and dedication of young artists wanting to do good for the community with their skills and knowledge. We want to give that opportunity to you and invite you to join our Folx community! Apply here

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